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Disabled Refuge Systems

Disabled refuge systems are also known as Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) Systems are placed in buildings to give those with reduced mobility a safe area where they can safely assemble and keep in touch with rescue workers.

Even in a non-emergency situation such as during a scheduled fire drill, those who are unable to exit a building via the stairs need to be kept informed of what is happening.

New building regulations mean that any commercial building has to have a disabled refuge system installed, regardless of the age of the actual structure all premises are now required to be fully compliant with the current building regulations.

We can provide disabled refuge systems that have:

  • Multiple contact points from 1 master to up to 64 outstations
  • Easy to use interfaces
  • Hands free operation
  • Internal and weatherproof (IP65) outstations
  • Full duplex communications
  • Disabled W.C. alarms
  • Options for outstations, Outstations type A & B
  • Exceeds the requirements of BS5839: Part 9
  • Fire resistant cable for secure operation
  • Unique address and text allocation for each outstation
  • Battery back up
  • Fully monitored

Custom Electronics Limited has a vast wealth of experience in installing and advising our clients on the most appropriate disabled refuge system for their specific project.

We need our clients to be satisfied that the system that we are providing fully meets with their requirements.

Some of the other benefits of sourcing your disabled refuge system from Custom Electronics Limited include:

  • Comprehensive product range
  • Technical support on all products
  • Nationwide coverage and support
  • Professional and efficient service

As the installation of disabled refuge systems is now a legal requirement of any commercial building, the need to source the correct product quickly and at a competitive price is vitally important to ensuring that your project does not experience any unnecessary delays.

Custom Electronics Limited can provide the support and informed advice that you need when deciding on the most appropriate disabled refuge system for your specific requirements; contact us today for a more detailed breakdown of the services that we can offer in this area.