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Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency and exit lighting systems are installed in buildings to ensure that the occupants can safely egress buildings in the event of a power cut or a fire condition.

These systems are crucially important to install in buildings to keep all those inside safe in any type of emergency, and allows them to safely and securely exit the structure. The requirements for emergency lighting are detailed in IS32317.

At Custom Electronics Limited we have a diverse range of products in this area, and are able to source the most sophisticated emergency and lighting systems currently available on the market.

Custom Electronics Limited can supply a wide range of emergency and exit lighting systems including:

  • Addressable lighting systems
  • Networked lighting systems
  • Central battery systems
  • Standard lighting systems
  • L.E.D. low energy lighting

As all of our engineers are qualified electricians we are in a very good position to advise our clients on the correct method of installation of all the emergency and lighting system products that we provide.

The products that we can offer can be low power consumption and can provide payback on your investment within a few years.

We can even provide systems that will test themselves and will automatically self-report any problems to a local control panel, via e-mail, SMS message and/or event log, which can be converted into a text file.

Custom Electronics Limited has a track record of working successfully with a wide range of clients to ensure that the right products are sourced at the right price.

For a more detailed breakdown of the range of emergency and exit lighting systems that we can provide you with, please contact us today where one of our dedicated team will be happy to speak with you in more detail about your specific requirements.